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Information for Public

Background of the Pilot Public-Private Partnership Programme on Smoking Cessation (SCPPP)

Smoking is harmful to health. Many smokers wish to quit but find it difficult due to intense craving and lack of support to stay away from tobacco. Smoking cessation has always been an integral part of the Government’s tobacco control policy. The Department of Health plans to launch the SCPPP to complement existing smoking cessation services. In this pilot programme, smokers under the care of private primary care doctors enrolled in the programme are invited to join the programme to receive FREE smoking cessation services which include assessment and identification of barriers to quit smoking, counselling with pharmacotherapy if indicated. It is hoped that through the programme, hard-to-reach smokers could gain access to smoking cessation services and benefit from smoke-free living.

Who may enrol?

To join the SCPPP, you should:

You may click here to search and see if your family doctor has enrolled in the SCPPP. If you have not found a family doctor yet, you can also access the Primary Care Directory to find a family doctor that suits your need. Doctors who have enrolled into the SCPPP will be indicated by the SCPPP logo in their profile.

In order to enable logging of consultation information relating to smoking cessation services given under the programme, releasing of such information to the Government for monitoring, payment, administrative and evaluation purposes, prospective service providers and service recipients should complete eHRSS enrolment procedures well ahead of enrolment into the SCPPP. Please visit for details on eHRSS registration.

Government subsidy

Please note that the following service items are fully subsidised by the Government and hence no co-payment fees should be chargeable for:

Key steps of the SCPPP

The following diagram illustrates the key steps of the SCPPP:

Enrolment in the SCPPP and first consultation
Follow-up consultation(s) within 26 weeks after the Quit Day
Follow-up consultation at 26 weeks after the Quit Day
Follow-up consultation at 52 weeks after the Quit Day

Enrolment into the SCPPP

  1. You should present a valid HKID Card and insert it into the card reader at the clinic of the Enrolled Doctor such that your profile could be retrieved from the eHRSS. Alternatively, if you are issued with a Certificate of Exemption, you should present the original copy to the Enrolled Doctor to enrol into the SCPPP.
  2. You will be asked to complete and sign a Participant Consent Form. You should read carefully the sections on “Undertaking and Declarations” of the form before signing. Upon your consent, your clinical information will be made viewable to the doctor enrolled in the programme.
  3. You will also be asked by the Enrolled Doctor to indicate whether you are willing to be approached for taking part in SCPPP-related research. Participation is on a voluntary basis, but helps the Department of Health to evaluate this pilot programme’s effectiveness.

Notes on joining the SCPPP

Other smoking cessation services available in the community:

You may also make use of other smoking cessation services operated by the Department of Health, Hospital Authority and non-governmental organisations available in the community. Please visit the following links for details:

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