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Pilot Public-Private Partnership Programme on Smoking Cessation

Information for Doctor


To complement existing smoking cessation services, the Department of Health (DH) launched the two-year Pilot Public-Private Partnership Programme on Smoking Cessation (SCPPP) in December 2017 to test a new model of free and opportunistic smoking cessation services provided by private primary care doctors. The pilot programme aims to improve access to smoking cessation service for smokers who may be hard to reach by other means.

Scope of services

Enrolled doctors provide opportunistic assessment of the smoking status of their patients, identify motivational factors and barriers to quit smoking, offer smoking cessation counselling and pharmacotherapy (if indicated) for eligible smokers.

A maximum of five consultations and 12-week course of pharmacotherapy are subsidised under the SCPPP (including the first to the fourth consultations within 26 weeks and the fifth consultation at 26 weeks after the Quit Day Note 1 to assess the quit rate).

Note 1: “Quit Day” refers to the target day for the SCPPP participant to totally abstain from smoking, which is discussed and agreed between the enrolled doctor and the participant. It is subject to adjustment during the second consultation (for once only) if the actual quit day is different from the original quit day set in the first consultation.

The consultations are recorded in the SCPPP IT System which rides on the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS).

Please refer to Doctor’s Manual for details.

Enrolment of doctors

Doctors can enrol in the SCPPP if he /she fulfills the following eligibility criteria:

Please read the following documents for details:

Enrolment in SCPPP
⇒ login eHRSS account
⇒ select “SCPPP Programme – Doctor Enrolment”
⇒ submit the Application Form, the Authorisation Form for Payment of Subsidy to a Specified Bank Account and other required documents

Registration in eHRSS ⇒ click here

Enrolment in Primary Care Directory ⇒ click here

Press Release

DH to launch Pilot Public-Private Partnership Programme on Smoking Cessation

Connecting with Patients for Tobacco Free Living

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